Whitby Town have had a number manager over the years. Some Famous. Some infamous. Sometime in the future I hope to bring out a book about them. This is a list of them with a small summary where able.

Prior to Neville Pybus the team was chosen by the committee, sometimes selections were based on who a player was and not on performance. Indeed some selections were made and and the committee members were not even at away games.

In essence the "manager" was just a coach.

As I get more information on our previous managers I will add to this

1946-1947 - John Butler.
John was, at the time, the clubs highest appearance maker with over 300 appearances.

1947-1949 - John Gollogly.

1949-1954 - Bobby Stuart.
Former England Schoolboy and Middlesbrough professional.

1954-1957 - Jimmy George.
Jimmy was always referred to as the Trainer.

1957-1958 - Stan Lacey.

1958-1959 - Bobby George.

1959-1961 - Benny Edwards.

1961-1969 - Bill Jeffs.
FA Amateur Cup winner, became Whitby's most successful manager until Harry Dunn.

1969-1970 - Bob O'Brien.

1970-1972 - Neville Pybus.

1972-1972 - Billy Veart (Caretaker).

1972-1973 - Graham Carr.

1973-1976 - Dave Richardson.

1976-1977 - Ian Gibson.
Former professional player that played for Middlesbrough, Coventry City, Cardiff City and Bournemouth.

1977-1978 - Keith Storey.

1978-1979 - Don Burluraux.

1979-1980 - Steve Smelt.

1980-1985 - Tony Lee.

1985-1986 - David Harvey.

1986-1988 - Peter Creamer.

1988-1988 - Bob O'Brien & Tony Escritt (Caretakers)
Caretakers for just fourteen days.

1988-1989 - Harry Wilson.

1989-1990 - Eddie Gray.

1990-1995 - Robert Scaife.

1995-1995 - Steve Harland & Neil Hodgson (Caretakers).

1996-2004 - Harry Dunn.
The most successful Whitby Manager ever. Harry took the club to Wembley for the FA Vase final and won it, also that same season he guided the team to the Northern League Championship. Following this Harry won the Northern Premier League Division One championship and into the highest league the club has performed at.

2004-2006 - David Logan.

2006-2007 - Lee Nogan.

2007-2008 - Phil Brumwell & Graeme Clarke.

2008-2009 - Graeme Clarke.

2009-2010 - Harry Dunn.

2010-2010 - Robert Scaife (Caretaker).

2010-2010 - Dennis Wheeler (Caretaker for one game).
More on Dennis here

2010-2011 - Tommy Cassidy.

2011-2015 - Darren Williams.

2015-Present - Chris Hardy.

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